Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lucia Perfect love is incredible

... If Christ is right, and the greatest love is to lay down one’s life for one’s friends, then it seems that the essence of all love is this willingness to sacrifice the self for the sake of another: to put the “me” under the heel of your boot and to crush it into a pulp. Even if we aren’t actually being martyred for the sake of our friends, all love has this common factor at its root: self-sacrifice. And if the purpose of our life is to attain to perfect love, then it isn’t good enough to be “nice” or “good” or a “decent chap.” This is pansy stuff. Perfect love means that our entire life, everything that we do, every breath we take, every thought we think, every move we make, is an act of love directed at another: whether our neighbour or God. Perfect love means to be a burning flame of love, to so completely empty ourselves of all self-seeking that the only thing that is left is love – or, in other words, God. This, in fact, is how all the famous mystics talk about the purpose of our life: to literally become a god, by emptying ourselves, and letting God (who is Love) enter in and take the place of the self: to become perfect conduits of God’s love. This is perfection.

Like the writer of this piece, I don't even come close to this either. I am too, a total wretch.

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Luna said...

So thank God he gave us his son, because even if we choose to strive for this we will fail many, many times.

But I imagine along the way if we do indeed try and attain/emulate God's love around us we do ourselves and people around us a great thing.
Not to mention God....

Don't they say He loves a trier? :)

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