Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lucia Michael Voris in Auckland

Michael Voris was in Auckland just recently (not sure if he's still there) when he recorded this YouTube video. He talks about the Catholic Church coming back to life as she has done many times before. It's not totally apparent now, but will seem very obvious soon. Soon, of course, could be ten years or so, but in the two thousand year history of the Church, that's nothing. Not that he gives a time-frame, that's my guesstimate, especially when it comes to the extremities of the world such as New Zealand.

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I.M Fletcher said...

I couldn't make it, unfortunately, but yeh, he has left now. His speaking programme was -

Thursday April 12th
- New Evangelisation and Lukewarmness
8 Tye Rd, Hillcrest

Friday April 13th
- True Ecumenism
- The Church persecuted, internally and externally
Hato Petera College
103 College Rd, Northcote

Saturday April 14th
- The Crisis in the Church
- Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XV1
Hato Petera College
103 College Rd, Northcote

Sunday April 15th
- True Feminism and True Masculinity
- Our Lady
Hato Petera College
103 College Rd, Northcote

Monday April 16th
- The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell
8 Tye Rd, Hillcrest

Lucia Maria said...

Thanks Fletch,

I had a reader email us a couple of days ago that he was in Auckland, but he didn't email me back when I asked for more information.

There really needs to be some way of advertising these things in advance.

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