Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lucia Michael Voris on Practising Catholics in NZ

Michael Voris in Auckland, New Zealand, talking about the size of the Catholic population here and the small percentage of actual practising Catholics (15% of 15% of the population of NZ attend Mass every Sunday).

He noticed that every session he had in Auckland, that more and more people came, and he put that down to preaching the Truth of the Faith. Truth is far more interesting than happy clappy kumbaya lemon meringue Catholicism.

Yes, totally agree. Growing up, there the Faith to me became more and more bland. It's only my rediscovery of it recently that has shown that version to be a complete lie. No wonder there are so few practising Catholics in NZ. I wonder how many left out indifference and boredom? Or needing something more and going elsewhere to get it?

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mzala said...

I sense that many have left because of the "lie version" which is still promulgated. Many of these 'propagators' will talk about the "spirit of Vatican II" whatever that is supposed to mean. Of course, underlying their "spirit" is the desire to destroy Holy Mother church and if not, take as many souls with them (whether intentional or not - it is the net result that matters. Very few (if any) will ever admit that Latin as well as Gregorian chant, celebration ad orientem, communion on the tongue (kneeling), women not allowed in the sanctuary (much less, altar 'girls')amongst others, are/were mandated by Vatican II or not mentioned within the documents (See Bp. Atahanasius Schneider:

Instead, they have traded truth for a lie invariably labeling the Bride of Christ as "backward and out of touch". Man is the centre of attention as opposed to Christ, Almighty God Himself.
I suspect many are tired of these 'soft' men, preaching syrup,hardly mentioning hell or satan almost as if sin is what others do and everybody gets to heaven. Try asking these people why so few pakeha youth don't attend mass and I would guess, "It's complicated". Has evangelisation reached the Maori population? Many, many catholics as well as NZ society have been betrayed by disobedience.
After (and before) ALL, who could walk away or not want to run toward..............

Seán said...

Regarding the video, yes, also totally agree with Michael Voris.

JJ said...

I haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, but it is my conviction that you preach the gospel straight and hard without compromise, the Holy Spirit will do the rest. Too many of the faith feel that we have to make the gospel "relevant" to unbelievers, whatever that means.

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