Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lucia Catholic Lord of the Rings

Michael Voris in Auckland, talking about the Catholic background of the Lord of the Rings which is "an inventive myth about Catholic truths".

What I found amazing was that Tolkien said that March 25th is the date when Frodo cast the ring into the fires; this is also the date of the Annunciation and is also considered the date of the death of Our Lord on the Cross - and the ring represents original sin. Woah!

Sorry everyone, Michael is no longer here. If I'd known his itinerary last week, I would have posted it.

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Ciaron said...

Except Frodo DID NOT cast the ring into the fire :)

Gollum bites Frodo's finger off, and having regained the ring, leaps about in joy, and falls into the lava .

In the movie Gollum and Frodo "westle" and both go over the edge with Frodo managing to hang on.

Lucia Maria said...

Details, details!

Actually, that works as well, probably even better as it goes to show what a hold original sin has, even on the best.

Ciaron said...

Indeed. As Sam curses Gollum, Frodo rebukes him and tells him that he could not have destroyed the ring without Gollum.

When I first read LOTR when the movies were being made I just thought it was a great story, but now having put my trust in Christ and reading them again, I can see whole other levels, and thinking about it now Frodo crossing Mordor under the increasing weight of the ring seems clearly inspired by Christ's journey to Calvery...

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