Saturday, June 2, 2007

ZenTiger Abortion Hurts

At some point, no matter how much of a right people have to kill, we are as a society going to figure out that we are actually killing.

To me, the rights issue is secondary. We can work out the argument to justify killing, once we work out we are killing. Face up to it guys (and gals, but not mums obviously), there is a line to draw in the sand and every day we find its moving back much earlier than "birth".

No doubt it is slightly disconcerting to some that a 21 week premature birth baby can and does survive. [Here's one!] The line's moved back.

Recent reports from the UK suggest that at 17 weeks, baby's do actually feel pain when terminated. The solution? Not a bolt of divine understanding unfortunately, but the suggestion to use an anaesthetic! Staggering. This probably doesn't make the occasion a triumphal moment for freedom as abortionists might imagine, although a large group of people seem to be certain a foetus cannot feel pain before 26 weeks. That one should be easy to prove - poke a premature baby with a needle and see if they notice. I bet they do. At 21 weeks, Amilla made the effort to breathe and cry so babies might be more developed in the womb than we think. Any people with experience in premature babies reading this blog that could confirm this?

Meanwhile, a Norwegian study finds that post-abortion trauma for women who have induced abortions at under 13 weeks felt greater stress and lingering sadness than those who had suffered miscarriages at under 17 weeks.

And another study recently suggested that babies at 17 weeks even feel the stress that a mother goes through, with brain levels and body responses changing and higher levels of cortisol (a stress related hormone) traversing the placenta barrier.

So do the unborn feel stress and pain? It looks so, at least at 17 weeks. There's only one conclusion. Abortion hurts. And it kills. (OK, that's two)

And again, people fail to understand - with freedom comes responsibility.

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Swimming said...

Hey guys, ever thought of doing a blog post on the state of the abortion supervisory committee, check out the story in this weeks NZ Catholic called "Abortions left unsupervised

Matthew said...

I was personally told of a story last week where a 19 year old was pregnant and wanted an abortion. Married friends of mine offered to adopt the baby, and the mother to be was made aware of this. However she still wanted the abortion (and went ahead with it). I think that she made a judgement call that it was better to have the baby die then for her to see it alive in the care of another family. The guilt that she would feel that she could not raise the child herself also denied the baby's chance to have a life at all. Feelings of (false) inadequecy and/or selfishness triumphed over the life of a baby: now that is a reversed set of priorities.

Sadly this is what happens when we become "God": our own selfishness (as my friends put it) along with the power of death and life over others is having a harrowing effect on lives in New Zealand. At least the baby is in heaven now...

ZenTiger said...

That's a tough situation for a prospective mother to be in, and I can imagine that she felt all of her choices seem only to lead to pain.

It would probably be a case where she believed she was preventing a life from ever being, rather than ending one that had just begun.

I hope she gets the compassion and understanding she needs to come though this intact. I hope she can reflect on her decision, and make the right choices in the future, whatever they may be.

Greg said...

No, no, you don't understand!
A person who deserves rights, liberty, and legal protection is a person who is rational and independent.

That means everyone not in Mensa, under 5 years old and over 80 is a "non-human blob of cells". Large blobs, but still blobs.

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