Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ZenTiger Greens Reveal Heinous New Crime

The Australian Greens have declared any-one who liked the former Pope, John Paul II to have suspect moral judgment. Yes, you simply cannot trust a person that praises a Pope. Indeed, they want Labor MP Greg Donnelly removed from the Privileges committee because his morals might get in the way of their proposed lynching.

I am concerned about the presence on the Privileges Committee of ... Christian Right Labor MP Greg Donnelly, who made tribute during his inaugural speech to "an extraordinary person, Pope John Paul II"

They really are wasting their oxygen.

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Andrei said...

Well I'll be darned.

You would think that Catholic MPS have no constuency that support the Popes views on this matter and want their MPs to vote accordingly.

I guess democracy is only for the left.

Perhaps everyone should have to pass a test before being allowed to participate in politics or vote.

You know questions on their knowledge of important issues like peak oil, global warming and diet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, funny how the right must leave their convictions at home.

Sort of like asking someone coming to a duel to leave their pistol behind.

Same result intended in both cases.

Unfortunately, too often we fall for this crap.

Anonymous said...

Another example.

KG said...

scrubone, I think too often we allow the left to set the terms of the debate.

Craig Ranapia said...

Well, that's nice to know. I thought the Australian Greens would have been quite chuffed that Greg Donnelly considered someone who was publicly opposed to the Iraq War, the death penalty etc, was 'an extraordinary person'.

And I also had to have a good giggle at this:
"I urge both Reverend Nile and Mr Donnelly to leave their religious beliefs at home when they examine this matter."

Golly, I guess we should be thankful the likes of Martin Luther King and William Wilberforce were never members of the NSW Upper House.

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