Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ZenTiger Apple changes its spots

Apple are about to release Leopard, their new operating system that boasts "a new organisational system for the desktop called Stacks and a new folder system which lets users browse files and applications visually" -- I'm not sure just how innovative that actually is, maybe its all in the execution? A bit like their new "Quick Look" tool which Mr Jobs is pretty excited about. On paper, it's a preview tool. That's not so groundbreaking. Still, some say its all about eye candy. We'll see.

Also of interest is that Apple have released an XP version of Safari. Now we Firefox users have another choice. I'll keep an eye on our visitor stats and see how Safari fares in the blogosphere jungle.

Apple is obviously hoping it can get all of us to change our spots. iPhone anyone?

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I.M Fletcher said...

One of the advantages to having Safari is that it takes note of embedded color profiles in pictures when you're surfing. Explorer and Firefox just display everything using the default sRGB profile.

That's why if you upload your photos online to flickr or a similar service, they'll look better in Safari, unless you've saved your pictures out with an sRGB profile.

I.M Fletcher said...

ps, you can download a Beta version of Safari 3 which also runs on Windows from here -

I wouldn't do it though. A hacker has found exploits in it only two hours after it's release which allow commands to be executed on a remote computer (The following was the link, but it is down thanks to multiple hits from being reported on the slashdot site - )

KG said...

I use a Mac mini and love Safari, but it's a pain trying to post in my blog using it.
Firefox works much better for that. (although it may just be a problem with Blogger, for all I know

Anonymous said...

Apple is totally about eye candy.
They haven't actually provided a ground breaking device or unit in years. All they do is flash up a feature. iPods are crap too - imo.

KG said...

Well, my Mac hasn't crashed once which is more than I could say for any Windows O/S.
So far I'm very pleased with it. And I'll trade "groundbreaking" for reliability any day of the week.

Greg said...

One word: linux.
Two words: white spray-paint.

Save $2000 and mod(ify) your PCs case with enamel spraypaint and clearcoat, fans, decals, and LEDs. Hey, it doesn't even have to be WHITE!!!
Think different dudes!

Also, why buy a system that is so aggresive about digital rights management and locks all your AAD music onto Apple products??

Apple are just a design company that sells fashionable case mods. Oh, they also offer an OS to go with the mod. As I said, buy some paint!

Greg said...

If your Mac hasn't crashed your not pushing it hard enough. Surely you've seen the Apple 'grey screen of death'?

Greg said...

Oh, and another reason to hate Macs is the school software licensing funding furor of a few weeks back.

Seems that not only is the Ministry of Education buying licenses for the full suite of MS Office but it turns out that many of the machines are Macs. So not only are they buying software wildly beyond the requirements of school kids they are putting it on machines that cost $1500-2000 more per unit.
If really need an advanced suite in place of MS Office they should be using Open Office. Its ignorant low-end user extravagance.

I.M Fletcher said...

If I only wanted to do some word processing, some basic image manipulation, email, browsing and so on I wouldn't mind what system I had, be it Mac, Linux or some other flavour. What keeps me on this Windows platform is that there are so many nifty applications written mostly for Windows.

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