Friday, June 1, 2007

ZenTiger Phrases from NZ

What are the phrases that make us distinctly Kiwi?

Beauty Mate.
Kia Ora.
Yeah, right.
One way ticket to Brisbane please.
No tax break this budget.
You should have paid your bill.
The rates rise is for infrastructure.
Of course I'm an environmentalist.
Parliamentary Service will cover it.
I refute that.
Its all the fault of the Christian Right Wing Fundamentalists.

2 comment(s):

Barnsley Bill said...

you forgot the big one.

Greg said...

"I work in sales and marketing."


"Bush is Hitler. Not 'like', 'is'. "

"Wow, you read books."

"I'm thinking of becoming a lawyer."

"Put it on the plastic/HP/refinanced mortgage."

"I'm a barista."

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