Friday, June 15, 2007

ZenTiger Banning the meat pie

When you prevent one fat kid from buying a pie, it's discrimination. If you ban them from every-one, it's suddenly a noble cause, for noble reasons. How stupid is that?

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Andrei said...

What's with the food police?

They probably have never had much contact with active growing boys I guess.

You should see the amount of food my guy gets thru, especially after sport.

Sometimes a meat pie or cheeseburger is just the ticket to replace the energy he has burned off.

Andrei said...

Actually that should be meat pies or cheesburgers since one is never enough.

And no he is not fat let alone obeses.

Anonymous said...

What got me was the green response to the healthy pie they're introducing in some schools.

"It's still a pie".

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