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Lucia Gay authoritarians want Catholic schools closed in Britain

Incredible. A gay rights group is launching an all out attack on Catholic schools in Britain, calling for the their closure because Catholic schools "bully" gay students by teaching them that homosexuality is immoral.
The bullying issue is being used openly as a wedge issue to attack Catholic and other faith-based institutions. Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) says, “Such is the level of homophobia in the Catholic Church that its schools should be taken from it and returned to the community sector.”

GALHA's secretary George Broadhead said, “We've seen homophobia in Catholic circles rising at a terrifying rate over the past few months. The Pope is almost hysterical on the topic and the British Catholic hierarchy is constantly agitating to retard gay rights. What chance have gay pupils got in schools which are run by an organisation that hates them?”

“For the sake of these children and for the community at large which should be protected from the promotion of bigotry in schools, the Catholic Church should be stripped of its educational establishments.”

Stonewall is the UK’s most successful homosexual lobby group, having hosted Prime Minister Tony Blair at its victory banquet after the passage of the SOR’s.
As for the Pope "being almost hysterical", the quote above reads as far more hysterical than anything the Pope would ever say. I can almost see the spittle. Those Catholics, they want to teach children that what we do is wrong! Close all the schools, close them all! And burn down the churches! Oops! Didn't mean to say that last bit... yet.

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Andrei said...


ZenTiger said...

A difference of opinion is intolerable.

Berend de Boer said...

Calm down Lucyna, we all know that gays only want license to behave in the bedrooms like they want. It's never about anything outside the bedroom.

I.M Fletcher said...

Stonewall is also the group that Tim Barnett belongs/belonged to before he came to our shores with his agendas.

Christchurch MP, Tim Barnett, the architect of the Civil Union Bill and legalised prostitution, arrived in New Zealand in 1991, armed with an agenda and strategy to advance gay rights. [..]In his early 20s, Tim Barnett, involved with the British Labour party, worked as a voluntary sector manager, specializing in strategic and project development, marketing and media. From 1982-1989, he was co-organiser and then chairman of the National Association of Volunteer Bureaux.

His key appointment was as the founding Executive Director of the Stonewall (Lobby) Group 1989-1991.

Investigate Magazine, April, 04


Lucia Maria said...

Fletch, that is really interesting.

ZenTiger said...

Yeah, whilst Mallard and Clark are complaining that National policy is written in Washington, NZ legislation is apparently written in a gay bar near Soho.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Berend de Boer said...

"Calm down Lucyna, we all know that gays only want license to behave in the bedrooms like they want. It's never about anything outside the bedroom"

Just as Christians only want to be free to worship as they wish....not wank on and ban everyone else who disagrees with them....Nazi bastards.

I.M Fletcher said...

James, Christians don't have a problem in leaving others to their sinful ways if they have rejected God. It is when they start infiltrating schools and government and changing law - crowing on about their 'human rights' being violated and calling a lies the truth that really gets the gander up.

Your Gays are the ones who wank on against everyone who disagrees with them. One is homophobic, or it is 'hate speech' to disagree with them.

Redbaiter said...

Yes Fletch, I too am mystified by Jame's repetition of the charge that Christians or Conservatives want to ban things, or use legislation to enforce their religious/ social agenda. We don't James. You are free to be as immoral as you choose within the bounds of law. Just don't demand James, that we applaud your behaviour. If we fail to endorse your morality, we are merely like you, exercising our right to choose. Surely you have no problem with that.

I can't help the feeling that your apparent need James, to force us to sanction your behaviour, is representative of some kind of psychotic compulsion. "You must think like me."

We don't do it like that James. You think your way, we'll think our way.

An interesting article on the issue-,,1983820,00.html

A complete reversal on your way of looking at it James.

ZenTiger said...

It wasn't Christians that intruded into the family homes to ban smacking as a form of discipline.

It wasn't the Christian lobby behind banning the right for a pub owner to allow (or not) smoking in their bars.

It wasn't the Christians behind the watering down of our Bill of Rights.

It's not the Christians calling for controls on the food we are allowed to choose to eat.

These Gay Authoritarians should be resisted James, just because of their authoritarian approach, no?

This is simply an issue that any school, of any stripe should not allow bullying. No bullying, for any reason. Easy.

And I don't believe for a moment that any right minded person would condone bullying, but it obviously goes on in all of our schools. There is no cry to close down all schools because bullying exists.

As for the ridiculous claim that the Catholic Church and Schools are encouraging it - I doubt it. You might find one bigot, but that doesn't make it a mass movement. The line preached by the Church is lover the sinner, not the sin. That is a reasonable way to navigate the tricky situation where we are all allowed to have different opinions and different beliefs. One would hope we can call on institutions to live by those very words.

Psycho Milt said...

"These Gay Authoritarians should be resisted James, just because of their authoritarian approach, no? "

Yep. Absolutely.

"You might find one bigot, but that doesn't make it a mass movement."

I'd rate this view of Catholic Schools within Stonewall the same way. The fact that some mouthy git in an activist group would like Catholic schools banned doesn't put Catholic schools in danger, it's just some ranter exercising his right to free speech.

Lucia Maria said...

Psycho, if you read the article I've linked to, you'll see that it more than just "some ranter exercising his right to free speech".

In particular, here's the relevant paragraph:

Education Secretary Alan Johnson told gay activists that the government is preparing guidelines for schools to address what was identified in the report as “faith-based” homophobic bullying. At a meeting with Stonewall, the gay lobby group that brought about the notorious Sexual Orientation Regulations passed earlier this year, Johnson told activists that he hopes to make a presentation at the group’s upcoming conference in July.

This gay lobby group has considerable public influence already.

The link between Stonewall (those with political power) and GALHA (calling for the closure of Catholic schools) is not obvious at this point, but given what has already happened in Britain (it's illegal to teach that gay-sex is immoral), this does not bode well. Gay groups now have disproportionately significant influence in government in Britain, so while what the GALHA may seem to be voicing a fringe opinion, I doubt that the Government there see it that way.

Here's a related post on the Culture Wars in Europe.

ZenTiger said...

And the Greenies are trying to ban Catholic Schools in Scotland. [Link: McGreens frugal with tolerance]

Seems the Catholic schools are being attacked on all fronts.

Anonymous said...

Poor Catholicism...are all the centuries of being oppressed and indeed killed and tortured by the Homosexuals in league with the authorities....the inquisition against innocent Catholics etc...

Oh wait...

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