Friday, June 15, 2007

Lucia To the square root or death!

There's an interesting wrangle going on in the EU at the moment. The voting system of the countries in the EU is set to change, except for one minor problem - Poland is threatening to veto it.
Under the proposed new “double majority” voting system for the Council of Ministers – the EU’s main lawmaking body – each country is awarded votes directly related to the size of its population.

Poland has 27 votes in the Council, compared with 29 for Germany. Under the new voting system, Germany’s share of the vote would sharply increase, since its 82m population is twice that of its eastern neighbour.

Warsaw has vowed to fight for “the square root or death”, a reference to its favoured voting formula – based on the square root of a country’s population – which would flatten the difference in power between countries. Berlin has rejected it outright.
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ZenTiger said...

The EU obviously have no plans to let Russia join.

Andrei said...

The EU is a bureaucratic monster.

The US founding fathers forsaw this problem which is why every State has two senators while congressional seats are population based.

And the electoral college votes are allocate by the number od senators + the number of congressmen a State has, thus ameliorating the power of populous states have over the sparsely populated.

Do you think the EU will last?

I don't

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