Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ZenTiger The Bankruptcy of the Electoral Finance Bill

I'm not sure what worries me more about this bill. The blatantly and so obviously undemocratic provisions or the fact that it was proposed in the first place. And if the latter, are the Labour Party so incompetent that they do not even understand the principles of democracy in modern society, or that they do and they don't care.

This bill is a sad reflection on NZ politics no matter which way you look into it. I'm trying to work out what I want to say in my submission. I have only got as far as thinking the bill should be dropped in its entirety. Let's start from scratch.

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Barnsley Bill said...

Is it really any surprise to any of us. When you take a look at how Clarke and co have operated since 99 we should be used to it by now.
They will do absolutely anything to retain power, from owning the cops after they dispatched doone through to stealing public money to finance the last campaign. We have the worst govt in the western world, morally bankrupt, thieves and liars.

Anonymous said...

It actually boils down to a neat slogan (much like "pay it back" Every time a LP (or NZ1 or Alliance, or Green) politician appears in public they should have to face the question "incompetence or intent?" Answer the question.

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