Friday, August 31, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

Chat time!

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

hope you don't me joining the friday night thing.

Punch and Judy?

Helen and Michael?

Barnsley Bill said...

Helen and Judith would be more topical at the moment.
Good evening everybody


Good Evening BB and everyone

Enjoyed your comment.
It is good to see Mike Moore bring the issue more into the open.
There again some people do not appreciate smut.
I thought my Helengrad's Hottest Wimmin post might raise a smile but some were upset.

Good evening Lucyna
What has happened to nice pics of your homestead?
but I must say Judy looks a little like Helen.

Andrei said...

Hi all and hi Fredrico its good to see a new face around here.

Punch and Judy - tsk encourages domestic violence don't you know.

Punch beats Judy or is it the other way around I forget now.

Perhaps they both bash each other.

Barnsley Bill said...

A little light humour is always welcome fairfacts. Sir humphs was a little too serious at times and your arrival at no minister has perhaps added a tabloid element but it is more "inclusive" and a lot more fun. keep it up or just start your own blog..

Anonymous said...

Ah BB,
You are right. What did MM mean by consort. If its what we think it means, what are the implications r.e various statements in the past. Why would MM use this term? He would realise the ensuing speculation for sure?

Oswald Bastable said...

72 hours so far this week and two days to go.

Thats enough tax to keep three dole bludgers in front of the tv...

Barnsley Bill said...

Oswald you martyr.
Mike Moore crossed the Rubicon, he was the first eminent (debatable title I know) to refer directly to our lesbian PM and her personal arrangements. I honestly could not give a shit what she does in her personal life, however living the enormous lie reveals more about her deceitful behavior than the inevitable labels of homophobe that we receive for calling her out does about us.
I have been ready to jump the ditch since 2001. The only delay is Lady Barnsley not yet being ready, labour winning/stealing the election next year should just about seal it for us.

Andrei said...

Have you figured how many red parliamentary boxes with the Labour logo on them it would fund.

Or how many pledge cards.

I figure it will fund just a little less than half a paragraph of Anna Marie Jagose's study into gay sexuality in Auckland.

No way around it Oswald you just are going to have to work more hours.

There are important things the Government needs to pay for.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Thanks BB

The consort comment makes this You Tube clip all the more interesting as it seems Dear Leader is coming out.
Listen to the closing comment about Hero being about "who WE are."
Of course, sexuality should not count either for or against you in your wish to take any job, including PM.
It is an honesty issue.
And with Dear Leader, it explains if she lies about this , she can lie about anything.

Barnsley Bill said...

"And with Dear Leader, it explains if she lies about this , she can lie about anything."
That comment cuts right to the heart of this issue.
Honesty is impossible if your entire public life is founded on a lie.

KG said...

Lucyna, it's late and perhaps not especially important, but weren't you saying some time ago that it's no longer possible to buy hot-water bottles?
I just bought one at our local pharmacy. (bad back, heat seems to help.)

Lucia Maria said...

KG, I'm glad you managed to get one. At the time I was wondering if they were still around, and was told they were and then soon after bought some from Briscoes after asking them if they had any. It could have been at the beginning of Autumn and they had just got them in and put them near the counter.

Lucia Maria said...

Oh, and apologies to everyone for my lack of sociability lately. I've been sick, my kids have been sick, and my youngest has just had yet another return of a fever tonight. I'm hoping I'll get to sleep tonight without coughing for ages. At this point, signs are looking so-so.

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