Thursday, August 9, 2007

ZenTiger Lucky Dip

Lotto is turning 20. So how good has Lotto been for New Zealanders? The money is poured back into communities they say, just like paying taxes. At least this is a voluntary tax.

Ironically, whilst the Government uses our tax dollars to help people break gambling addictions, they also control and promote gambling through devices like Lotto.

Perhaps the IRD could take a page from Lotto, and run a monthly draw where 1000 lucky tax payers "win" their monthly tax back, plus $1000. And 1000 lucky tax payers could get the whole years tax back if their returns are in on time.

What do you think about legalized gambling?

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Anonymous said...

A minor flutter on Lotto every now and then harms no-one. I've even heard "financial experts" suggest that, if you can afford it, a Lotto ticket should be part of your financial repertoire, because you never know...

As for the Casino's....hrrumpphhh...

Does Lotto open the back door to harder gambling? Dunno, I would suspect that those who blow the mortgage on the pokies would do so even if Lotto wasn't around.

Anonymous said...

Despite a growing, older and better off population, Lotto has been declining for years. Lotto shops are selling for about half their 2000 values and community grants are less generous than they were.

Whether it's because people are older and more financially secure now or have got smarter about gambling is a moot point.. and maybe there are more gambling outlets/opportunities than of yore.

But to a degree, I miss the old one off raffle up town for a dozen of beer/venison or what have you that could be organised at a moments notice and the proceeds go to local charity. Now, of course, much of this is illegal.


ZenTiger said...

I do the odd Lotto ticket or scratchie. But they generally annoyed me for "wasting money" so I now instead have a direct debit for $100 of bonus bonds every month. It's like Lotto, but I can cash in and get all my money back if I don't win anything. And it works like a "special savings account".

I'm up to about $1500 and have only won $20 so far. Still, next month could be the month :-)

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