Friday, August 3, 2007

ZenTiger Kidnapping a minor misdemeanor

Lawyer Richard Bodle said Bennett was an otherwise model citizen, a good parent and grandparent.
Yes, other than sexual abuse of a 12 year old, this guy is great. Really, the lawyer should just STFU.

Meanwhile, another person gets a mere 2.75 years for kidnapping a 14 year old girl, injecting HepC infected blood into her and apparently tried to molest her. Says the lawyer for the thug:
[My] client continued to be seriously ill with Hepatitis C and Crohne's Disease while on remand in prison and had also been the target of a physical attack.
Yes, lets not think about the psychological damage this man has done to a young girl in kidnapping her, attempting to molest her, and infecting her with a serious health condition she may never recover from. Silence may have been a better course of action.

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Forensic morsels said...

Unfortunately its part of the role of the lawyer to defend the mas stringently as they can, called zealous advocacy. Its a very tricky ethical area.

One of the difficult things for lawyers is because of the adversary system they usually end of as the face of these people.

ZenTiger said...

True Fergus, but they don't always have to accept a particular case. Although maybe Bodle was being deliberately ironic, knowing the judge would see through the statement in an instant...

...and it would be nice to get a few choice quotes in reply from the opposing lawyer...

Forensic morsels said...

Usually they do, Rule 1.02 also known as the cab rank rule, though its efficacy in NZ is questionable. I think its best that someone always be able to find someone to act for them as avoids prejudging them and keeps the system honest I think.

Unknown said...

Aside from that Mrs Kenedy how was Dallas?

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