Sunday, August 12, 2007

ZenTiger The pen is mightier than

Thought for the day: A sword uses red ink.

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Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

One wonders which writes permanently

ZenTiger said...

It's funny you mention that, because there was a book written in 100 BC that expanded on that whole concept.

Unfortunately, it was burned and its knowledge lost to us.

The only reason I knew of its existence was that the man who wrote it died. By the sword. And then his body was torched (and guess what he was holding at the time). And the manner of his death was so appalling that his son passed the story on to his son. And so on.

Hooray for the oral tradition.

Reminds me of another saying very popular in those times:

"Leave no witnesses"

Unknown said...

So does the IRD pen.

ZenTiger said...

Good point. And the IRD pen has a large pump and suction hose attached too.

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