Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lucia NZ dollar exchange rate

Yesterday's rate was 0.77 against the American dollar. It's not really falling that much. Though, maybe I should do another Amazon order very soon, just in case.

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Barnsley Bill said...

Funny you should mention it, I have started paying attention to the mountain of daily junk mail promoting big tellys for just that reason over the last few days.

onscreen said...

Don't buy from Amazon... support NZ businesses!

Greg said...

"Don't buy from Amazon... support NZ businesses!"

Which ones?
Whitcoulls is British owned NOT Kiwi.
Paperplus is franchise so that's fine, as is Dymocks but ouside tye centres they are small stores.
At least you can buy shares in Amazon if you want to.

However, Whicoulls is number one in nz by a mile so obviously most people don't buy kiwi. Most product is not kiwi anyway so the sentiment is as useful as buying stuff from the Warehouse and thinking you're supporting nz enterprise.

Personally, I try to buy most books from the single local independent.

ZenTiger said...

NZ businesses would have to actually consider holding wider stock to gain support. It's a two way deal.

It is not surprising that a book by the Pope, which is on the best seller list in many countries, doesn't appear to be stocked in any of the main book shops. They would prefer to have 5 slots taken up by Dawkins.

Lucia Maria said...

Onscreen, most of the books I buy I cannot get in NZ, and the ones that I can get in NZ are phenomenally cheaper from Amazon even with the freight costs.

Greg said...

It's not just books popular in the US and UK that we don't receive it's the narrow selection of Penguin classics - Balzac, Stendahl, Zola etc. Instead we get piles and piles of Dickens and Austen, though fine, I'm sure the accountant who does the ordering has never bothered to read them!

I hope Borders remains here and that British company Whitcoulls doesn't buy their NZ ops.

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