Saturday, August 11, 2007

ZenTiger A wee bit nosey and a tad hypocritical

All attempts to track Hone Harawira have failed, but calling in a double nosed tracking dog was taking things a bit too far. Apparently, the left nostril hones in on Aboriginal Child Abuse and the Right nostril detects Maori Child Abuse. Not sure how the dog decides which direction is the most important...

Anyway, I understand the reasons behind giving HPTWNH (Hone Pani Tamati Waka Nene Harawira) some well deserved flak for going walkabouts on the other side of the rabbit wire fence. I don't really dispute many of the points...but just to take a different perspective on this matter - I say good on Hone for taking off for a bit of field work. There is every chance he may be confronted by some unpalatable truths, and a close look at Australia may help him see things more clearly in New Zealand.

Of greater concern to me is the creeping Nanny Statism when so many people think that Hone has taken off without filling in the right forms, advising the right people months in advance and getting full approval from his party hierarchy.

Geez Wayne. The man is 50. As long as he has clean underwear, let him make his own decisions. We are not his mother. I'm wondering if people are embracing the nanny state "direct, control and obey" mentality without even realizing it?

Something is up when the Labour Party, via Labour MP Shane Jones says Mr Harawira is playing a dangerous stunt. He says Parliament has firm rules about how taxpayer funds should be used when MPs are overseas. Speaker Margaret Wilson has said she is aware of Mr Harawira's actions and is addressing the matter.

So, Labour understand Parliamentary spending guidelines now do they? That explains why they are trying to change the Electoral Financing rules.

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