Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ZenTiger A brave man

Here's a brave man. In spite of torture at the hands of the police for converting to Christianity, and death threats from some of the more ardent followers of the religion of peace, he still wants to stand up and be counted:
He said he wants to officially change his religion on his ID card for two reasons — to set a precedent for other converts and to ensure his child can openly be raised Christian. He wants his child to get a Christian name, birth certificate and eventually marry in a church. That would be impossible if Hegazy's official religion in Muslim, since a child is registered in the religion of the father.

That's a very brave man. He lives in a country where to believe in something means you need to be prepared to die. Lets hope our beliefs come cheaper, but that we remember what they are worth.

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Hat tip: No Minister

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Anonymous said...

Wheres the leftist outrage?

MathewK said...

He is brave indeed and deserving of our prayers. Now he is a refugee deserving of our pity due to religious persecution.

Psycho Milt said...

"Wheres the leftist outrage?"

OK, here you go:

"Oh my God, this Third World shithole has no respect for human rights! We can't have that! Who's organising the invasion? We should commit troops!"

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a smartarse Milt, you know perfectly well what jim d is saying. But then you have evaded the question. So well done.

*rolls eyes*

Psycho Milt said...

Bullshit. The politician talking about this to 3 News was fucking Keith Locke, FFS - what's he, chopped liver?

So where was the National Party's outrage? Anyone seriously think they plan to lighten up on how NZ treats refugees? If so, I'd love to hear your argument for why you think so.

ZenTiger said...

Good point Psycho. Keith Locke is so far left he is positively sinister.

But even so, he's pretty consistent on Human Rights issues so he has my respect on that score (pity he f*ks up on just about every other count, but none of us are perfect)

Although, if you are going to go with the old "invade and conquer" gag, then it would be fair to counter with the "let's hold a dialog, issue a few U.N mandates to do sweet fa (and still manage to spend 100 million doing that) then finally get around to blaming western society and then having Amnesty declare that Gitmo is the Gulag of our times, and we can't speak of such issues until our own house is in order......blah blah blah until finally, even when several hundred thousand people are dead there is still no compelling reason to act.

But good on Keith.

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