Thursday, October 25, 2007

ZenTiger Freedom to choose?

There's this thought: If you have a choice between two embryos you may choose the one that is going to be healthy. At least people should have that choice.

and then this thought: Testing entire communities could also help identify links between genetic markers and certain genetic disorders that effect some groups

I'm expecting Dr Kiro to chip in with "Every embryo has a plan". Or should that be "We have a plan for every embryo". And that's what worries me.

So, who decides that the blogging gene is a symptom of social sickness? Oh wait, I'm getting confused with the Electoral Finance Bill and genetics.

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Andrei said...

Indeed Zen;

The definition of a disorder might well turn out to be somewhat labile - just as "threat to the mothers health" has been with abortion.

I don't know if they will ever identify a "blogging gene" though.

A gene that dictates behavior has yet to been identified for any human characteristic despite the overwhelming desire for such things to exist in some quarters.

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