Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lucia Mayoress and Mayoress

Here we go ...

Kapiti's new mayor, Jenny Rowan, has referred to her "partner" as her "wife", and wants her "wife" to be referred to as "mayoress" for ceremonial purposes. The article on the front page of the Kapiti Observer is now able to openly talk about the "couples" attempts at marriage in NZ, culminating in a "marriage" in Canada.

* Sigh *

Looks like Kapiti will be NZ's new centre for the future push for gay marriage.

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A. J. Chesswas said...

how do people not see the insanity of all of this?? My prediction is she'll be gone by the new year... I mean I wouldn't be able to refrain from bursting out laughing if the mayor of Stratford starting carrying on like this... how is it these people can be taken so seriously?!! It's like real life satire except it's actually happening...

Lucia Maria said...

Well, it gets worse.

Kapiti's conservative and fundamentalist churches were not happy, having fought a campaign to prevent gay people from being elected. Kapiti Christian Centre spokesman John Mills said a formal statement from his church would be made soon. "This will be the first of a number of other statements on this and other matters," he said, adding that Kapiti Christian Centre was the founding church of the Christian fundamentalist movement on the Kapiti Coast.

The district's liberal Christians, however, were celebrating. Reverend Norman Wilkins of the progressive Kapiti Uniting Parish at Raumati was at the celebration with a glass of wine, wearing a 'Turn the Tide' T-shirt. "This is a wonderful and symbolic turning point for Kapiti. It reflects our ability to celebrate diversity," said Mr Wilkins.

So, this issue is going to be used to point out the divisiveness of Christians and act as a wedge to separate us even further.

It's not good.

MathewK said...

So is Jenny Rowan the husband then, oh my is she implying she wears the pants around the house, i thought they'd be equal partners and all that. Sounds like the 'husband' is making all the decisions in that household, oh my, i guess the wife will just have to take one for the partnership then.

I'm surprised your Kommisar Klark hasn't legalized gay marriage and placed heavy restrictions on straight marriage by now.

Anonymous said...

It reflects our ability to celebrate diversity," said Mr Wilkins.

Aren't these people just the most smug insufferable pompous sermonising supercilious poseurs out there?? ..and without that nauseating word "diversity" they'd have nothing. Actually I'm surprised Mr. Pseudo Liberal Wilkins never managed to work in "vibrant", their other favourite word. Such a gullible dimwit. So damn mindlessly obeisant to the Marxist manipulators.

Psycho Milt said...

Not to worry - if her priorities centre around promoting gay rights, rather than the less interesting mundanities of office that the voters imagined they were electing her to take care of, she won't be around long.

I.M Fletcher said...

I still can't see how these 'christians' can be so blind as to what it says in the Bible about homosexuality, especially a 'Reverend' whose job is supposed to be to guide and shepherd his flock.

Even homosexuals are aware of what the Bible says. A little while ago the openly gay Sir Ian McKellen was in New Zealand acting in King Lear. In a television interview he admitted to tearing out those pages of the Bible that deal with homosexuality.

Ian McKellen is so offended by the Bible's anti-gay stance he makes a point of ripping out the relevant page every time he stays in a hotel room. The openly homosexual actor, a longtime campaigner for gay rights, accepts he shouldn't vandalize the Bible, but finds it difficult to contain his outrage at the contents of Leviticus 20:13 when he spots the holy book in hotels.

At least he knows it is there. On the TV interview he said something like, "how can I sleep knowing that is next to me on the bedside table." Something to 'prick the conscience of the King' maybe? (and yes, I know that is Hamlet and not Lear :)

But who is the worse? One who accepts that the Bible says his actions are wrong and tears out the pages or one who is supposed to be Christian and leading his flock according to the Word he professes to be The Truth but blindly ignores what it says?

I suppose only God can judge.

Anonymous said...

No wonder we're having so many earthquakes..

ZenTiger said...

Water is one of the biggest issues in Kapiti. It all flows down the river out to the sea.

Rather than piss water away, we need a big Dyke to go up in the nether regions of the district. Maybe Jenny is the man for the job?

Anonymous said...

"Not to worry - if her priorities centre around promoting gay rights,"

Many homosexuals intent on being elected as public officials naturally see the promotion of homosexual issues as having somewhat higher priority. That's why I don't understand these people who say that voters should not be concerned about whether candidates are homosexual, and if a candidate is homosexual, whether they buy in to the homosexual political agenda.

To me, knowing the answer to these issues is a perfectly valid concern. Any voter should have the right to ask about the candidate's position on these issues if the voter wants to know, and should be able to do so without being subjected to scorn and vilification from the pseudo liberal speech and thought police.

Anonymous said...

"gay rights"

Pfft... The language of propagandists and their mindless minions.

"Gay" does not mean "homosexual" and homosexual men and women have the same "rights" as heterosexual men and woman.

Psycho Milt said...

I don't think Lucyna's demand that this argument cease on her blog was intended to simply move it onto a new thread...

I.M Fletcher said...

Zen, and with all that water there'd be plenty for making tea. I suppose that's why they call it the Cup-a-Tea Coast.

Forensic morsels said...

Egad and now Dumbledore is gay too ! Where will it end ?

Anonymous said...

I just wonder what the titles will be for a male homosexual mayor

Mayor and ???

Unknown said...

wow. i actually feel offended reading many of the comments here. ANY person will have a biased agenda - whether it be to promote positivity around gender or sexual orientation, whether it be ingrained in economics, or environmental issues.. a politician is a politician at the end of the day - who cares about who they are sleeping with?? or who "wears the pants".. gawd, people! if you're gonna spew stuff like "i thought they'd be equal partners".. are you implying that in a hetero relationship there are non-equal partners just because of gender differences?

religion changes, becomes more accepting. in the bible it says "love thy neighbour as thyself".. not "love thy neighbour as thyself unless he be gay".

grow up people. it's threads like these that are driving wedges between people - not simply sects in one religion.

ZenTiger said...

Just re-reading the thread, I see what you mean. I think though, the thread is part of a wider discussion that was talking place about elected members campaigning on one issue and then using their elected success to push different issues.

For me personally, I wanted greater transparency in council and water, and stuck to council related issues. I'd be happy with Jenny if she delivered on those. They seem to be dropping by the wayside.

Pay your taxes but don't ask why

And here's the initial discussion that raised some good points before going off the deep end.

NZ's first openly lesbian mayor

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