Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lucia Have you done anything for the Holy Souls today?

Visit the Mission to Empty Purgatory for more.

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fugley said...

You're surely joking.

You are, aren't you?

Lucyna said...

No fugley, I'm not joking.

fugley said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
fugley said...


That link took me to a web site that looked like a joke site.

BTW, please delete these random comments addresswed to d4j, there is a glith in my log in authentication that keeps repeating an old comment

ZenTiger said...

That's weird (the comment duplication) You may need to delete your cookie. I've trashed all your random comments. Well, actually, only two, but I was tempted :-)

dad4justice said...

Don't blame me fugley for your internet absurdity !!

If you have a brain cell, it would be very lonely in a vast mass of nothing .

ZenTiger said...

Dad4justice - Fugley was not blaming you for the internet absurdity. A comment from another thread was repeated twice on this one. I cleaned them up.

Chillax man.

fugley said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
fugley said...

damnation, it happened again, I've got a new 'puter and it has fancy authentication protocols to save me remembering lots of passwords, but it has also remembered by d4j post, guess I'll have to start again.

And I only popped in here to say thanks zen for the delete, and d4j, if you're a man, I'll see you at St Lukes

dad4justice said...

I am a man who goes to St Luke's most week end nights to help the hookers who are on drugs with their babies .

Fugley the thought of meeting you makes me sick !

fugley said...

gee dad, once more you show exactly why I would never want to be a xtian again, and why I gave up on god and his church -
H Y P O C R I S Y!

Like so many who loudly profess their belief, you are not fit to wash jesus'feet.

You are a shining example of how to lead the world to god and redemption, aren't you?

Still, to show I have compassion and forgiveness in my heart, the offer is still there for you to join us at labyrinth meditation, this Sunday, 6:30pm.

dad4justice said...

You need medication fugley not meditation and do say hello to Richard H and Tim B for me.

Andy Moore said...

Um, Fugley, no-one is fit to wash Jesus' feet. Even John The Baptist said he wasn't worthy to take of Jesus' sandle.

Um, empty purgatory? But it doesn't exist. It is not mentioned in the Bible. It is highly unscriptural!

Hi D4J. We should catch up some time soon.

Lucyna said...


Here is a list of all passages in the Holy Bible that either rely on Purgatory's existence or show the need for Purgatory or talk about it as if it exists.

Purgatory - Scripture Catholic

It also has passages from the writings of the Early Church Fathers.

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