Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fletch Windows Live Writer

wlwYes, I know I've been posting too much about technological toys recently. This is the last one for a while (hopefully) :)

This one is for all your bloggers out there. The program is Windows Live Writer, and it's probably the best blogging tool I've used so far (the others being Scribefire and the built in blogging capability of Flock).

Windows Live Writer is FREE and it is quite cool. As you can see by the screenshot of me posting this entry, it even imports the wallpaper themes from your blog of choice as well as allowing you to insert videos, pictures and the like.

You can also add plugins, which is something I haven't explored yet.

Windows Live Writer is FREE and it is quite cool.

A nice thing is that you write an entry and save it locally to your drive to upload at your convenience. It also has all the category tags in a drop down list locally that you can tick.
It's the first blogging tool I've used where I didn't have to go online and edit it later on from blogger.com

Download from HERE. (Windows only, I'm afraid).

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Anonymous said...

Hey Fletch,

I downloaded this last night and did a short post with it this morning. Fantastic!

Just one question that you might have checked out.... I haven't had a chance to look around and see if it somehow works with the collapsable/expandable posts that your blog and mine use. Have you been able to find out if they can be used within the writer?

I.M Fletcher said...

Ahhh, good point; I haven't considered that. I see that there is an html view where you can insert code but I would be nice to have some kind of insertion method.

onscreen said...

Meh. Windows only. Blah.

KG said...

quite so, onscreen! :-)
I've just taken a tour of the new Mac OSX Leopard O/S and Windows is looking lamer by the minute.

KG said...

For anybody interested--watch it and weep!

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