Friday, October 12, 2007

Lucia Friday night free for all

Sorry I'm late, I lost track of the time.

It's this daylight savings! Not that I'm complaining.

Anyway, chat is on.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Evening All. Where the hell are you?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Seeing as how you are all so enthralled with matters onblogish, I'll regale you with a few observations.

The insurgency inIraq has been defeated, along with the Dhimmocrats and phil u.

Gooner has entered in half marathon and accordingly is about to be divorced. Three hour runs in the wee small hours. Really, when Mum is yearning for a bit of a cuddle?

Adolf is walking 7 km per day, carrying 1.5 kg in a back pack. He managed to beat The Cook home over the last 1 km. She was driving in a traffic jam and he was swinginf his arms to brisk military march time.

ZenTiger said...

Good evening Adolf. It is quiet tonight. Hopefully, fellow bloggers out on the town or with friends somewhere enjoying themselves.

I've had a toughish week, but after a good meal and a well needed beer, I'm not complaining.

All this talk of exercise is making me think I need to establish a firm regime. No Taupo bike race for me though. I'll settle for something less ambitious for stage one of my re-fitness programme.

scrubone said...


Still trying to finish my analysis. 62 to go!

Then have to check data, could be another weeks work :(

Looks like about 50% clear opposed, 2/3 opposed (includes those who implied but didn't state clearly)

Very small slice indeed supporting clearly - less than 10%. Most just rabbit on about anon donations.

scrubone said...

Hows this for fuzzy:

1.3 Our approach to the reform of election finance law is driven by a Kaupapa supporting social justice focused on improving the lives of our members, their families and wider communities both in the workplace and in the wider community.

SFW Union submission

Barnsley Bill said...

Too deep for me so I will lighten the mood.
Dinner guests have just left completely sated with a feed of lady Barnsleys patented Lemon and Feta chicken.
The beast has struck again with her sporting curse, All Whites in danger of being thrown out of FIFA world cup qualifying round because Clarkes govt have denied some poor schmuck from Fiji a visa because he is engaged to marry a military cop... Now if he had been denied on the basis that he is a goalkeeper and is probably barking mad (all goalies are mental) I could have understood it. But banning because his mrs is related to a military cop is stupid. Anyway, time for another beer before Clarkes serious crime unit come round and confiscate my beer fridge and LCD tv....

Barnsley Bill said...

oops should have read "he is engaged to marry the daughter of a military cop".......

Monty said...

hi Lucyna - a question - Our local Preist (at St Joseph) kindly held an earier mass for those rugby fans to attend so they could get home to the rugby (he alo did the regular 9.30 mass) - are those who complained a bunch of wowsers

Lucyna said...

Hi Monty,

One question - were the complainers complaining about the fact that there were two Masses or were they complaining that they needed an earlier Mass so that they could watch the rugby?

George said...

The priest got the wrong service anyway; It should have been the Last Rites for the All Blacks, followed by an Excommunication Rite for the coaching staff.

Skyman said...

Don't know if you folks have heard but radio reports here are that Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Aurora said...

Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Are you sure, Skyman? His shockumentary was just slammed by a UK judge for being full of ...shall we say...manipulations of the truth. If this is the case, that stupid prize is worthless.

Greg B said...

Gore wins. Blogs struck dumb.

Andrei said...

Not quite Greg.

There is something fairly obvious to state about Al Gore's win

What does Al Gore have in common with Yasser Arafat?

Greg B said...

Sorry the info at that link was too oblique for me. Was the point that it's all a NWO UN Glove puppet Conspirarcy? Some commenters seemed to be troofers.

It's difficult to lampoon someone who will now be forever prefaced by "Noble Peace Prize Laureate..."

On the other hand, perhaps this award is to the Nobel 'brand' what RWC 07 was to brand 'All Blacks'.

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