Saturday, October 20, 2007

ZenTiger Genesis of Energy

I do not understand why the Greens are so worried that we cannot become far more energy efficient in the next few years. All the evidence is there that very, very soon individual households will be generating 90% of their own electricity, gas and water supply. 'Evidence' you ask?

Why, Genesis Energy have just put up their base monthly fee from around $50 to $90. Thats $90 to be connected to their grid, before paying for consumption. Good thinking and a positive sign for Greenies?

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MK said...

Energy efficiency is all well and good, but that means human life will carry on as normal.

It might not be all the Greens, but the true greenies don't like us humans and human life, so making us more efficient is not going to hinder us. You see, we are the problem.

Hoolian said...

The best thing about the whole energy debate is that nuclear power is still, by far, the most clean, efficent and overall greatest alternative to current power providers.

But its not really about fixing climate change etc, is it? Its more to do with the Greens (and fellow cohorts) fixing the world the way they want it.

Its all very political and ideological. And struggles to really have any sort of point. Oh, that sums up the Greens quite well.

Greg B said...


if the line charges get too much for you.

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