Friday, October 5, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

Chat time!

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Evening Lucyna
What no lovlely pic tonight?
Come on, I'm sure you can find something.
You have had some great pics.
What about a nice Polish hunting lodge?

Lucyna said...

Hi Darren!

Ok, ok, I'll go look ...

george said...

Got the bot good and proper. Any advice on which position a head has to be in to not hurt gratefully accepted.


what are you saying George?
Sounds a bit rude to me.
This is not that kind of blog, you know that, don't you?

ZenTiger said...

It has to be in a comatose position George.

How many fingers am I holding up?

Oh dear, you better lie down.

Evening all. Bin away. I'm back.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

George, Rum and honey is the answer. Preferably Bundaburg OP. You don't need a hell of a lot of honey.


Good to see a nice warm fire Lucyna.
But its warm up here in Jaffaland.
I see you will be having rain tomorrow.
So a fire is very wise.
I like Bundaberg too Adolf.
When i was in Oz i looved Bundy and coke.
I'm on the lindauer tonight.

KG said...

Evening people.
We simple, uncomplicated peasants are drinking beer tonight.
Get better soon, George. My Rx isn't mentionable in such polite company unfortunately.

george said...

Don't have any Bundaberg, a small amount of Mt Gay left in a bottle somewhere. Must sniff it out and take my medicine. Weather lousy, driving rain, sleet and snowing on the tops. Things could be worse. I could be a new merino lamb trying to live.

george said...

Don't have any Bundaberg, a small amount of Mt Gay left in a bottle somewhere. Must sniff it out and take my medicine. Weather lousy, driving rain, sleet and snowing on the tops. Things could be worse. I could be a new merino lamb trying to live.

Barnsley Bill said...

It's Friday so I am challenging my old friend Johnnie Walker tonight.
fairfacts, I am unable to make Sunday.
Rugby, bathhurst and acres of mowing in between are forcing me to stay within the confines of Barnsley Manor this weekend. As it happens I am gutted because i have about a million questions for you and Whaleoil.


Thats a shame BB.
We will have another event though.
Must make the most of the thermally heated pool before it gets too warm.
You have my number, so please keep in touch.
Where are you george?
You must be pretty far south to talk of snow.
Today was lovely and warm in Waiwera. I bet BB had a warm one too.

Barnsley Bill said...

I spent the afternoon at doubtless bay helping lady Barnsleys father out with some agricultural problems. Astonishing the change in my life since I left Auckland and divorced the IRD.
Number logged fairfacts, I will give you a call in the morning. We all need to discuss the attack kiwiblog is suffering from the left at the moment. The volume of leftist fucktard trolling has increased too dramatically for it to be unplanned organic growth.

scrubone said...

The left is always seeing a conspiracy on the right. That's because they assume everyone else runs the way they do.

Barnsley Bill said...

there would seem to be a core of 5 agitators who look to be working to a plan to completely disrupt kiwiblog.

ZenTiger said...

Too true scrubone.

Time for a Friday night joke. With Ahmadinejad being invited to speak at an American University, perhaps a few lines on Iran?

Does anyone think Iran will face a missile strike on their facilities?

"The bad news is Iran is capable of making a nuclear bomb. The good news is they have to drop it from a camel." --David Letterman

"President Bush is denying that he's planning an air strike on Iran. So, you know what that means? He's planning an air strike on Iran." --David Letterman

"Iran said they will inflict harm and pain on the United States if we try to stop their nuclear program. Who's writing their speeches now -- Mr. T?" --Jay Leno

"France and Germany warned Iran this week not to pursue their nuclear research program. In fact, France and Germany warned Iran that if they didn't stop their program they would, you know, warn them again." --Jay Leno

"President Bush criticized the election process in Iran. He said there are groups there who try and suppress the vote, power there is in the hands of the very few, and the whole thing is dominated by religion. Hey, that is our system." --Jay Leno

"The new president of Iraq said that U.S. troops will probably be out of that country in two years. ... The bad news is they'll be next door in Iran." --David Letterman

"Russia has agreed to help Iran build a nuclear reactor. Yeah, because when you think well-built nuclear reactor you think Russia" --David Letterman

"Bush is denying reports today that he plans to invade Iran. Oh, we're still going to invade, we just don't have any plans." --Jay Leno

"The president said today the U.S. does not intend to attack Iran but then he said quote 'but you never want a president to say never.' And he said if his position does change he will make that information public in a time-honored appropriate manner -- by leaking it to a gay prostitute." --Bill Maher

"It's been reported that in the event of an emergency situation with North Korea the U.S. is prepared to send 70% of the Marine Corps to the region. According to President Bush this will still allow us to send another 70% to Iran and keep our other 70% in Iraq." --Tina Fey

"North Korea announced that they have nuclear weapons and they have no plans to give them up. The White House, acting quickly, announced their plan to invade Iran." --Craig Ferguson

Oswald Bastable said...

Vindaloo and Kingfisher tonight

Grant said...

Evening all. Looking forward to a fine weekend here in good old West Auckland.
Very interesting you should say that Barnsley. Was thinking exactly the same earlier today. I also wonder whether those 5 are responsible for the kiwiblogblog abonimation.

Barnsley Bill said...

yup they are, and they are all over the new labour blog "the standard"

George said...

Fairfacts--Im in the Otago high country. Nearest neighbour 16 km. Traffic is not a problem.

Kiwiblog is taking a pasting at the moment because National is focussing on relating to their inner dork. If the Nats don't find a principle to adhere to soon we could all look forward to being prosecuted under the "Pissing off a Labour Politician [2008] Act."

I have no doubt there is an office or two filled with retards plugging the Labour line to hijack the discourse. It is a quirk of nature that idiots are endowed with above average energy.

ZenTiger said...

Hey BB, just read your post on your blog and comments here about Kiwiblog. Just had a quick skim of the toilet roll thread, and to my eternal regret, clicked one of the links.

DPF has a serious infestation, and he needs some powerful anti-biotics.

Barnsley Bill said...

he appears to be sleepwalking his way to a complete troll meltdown which will put his regulars off. I am already spending less time there as the drivel volume has increased.

Oswald Bastable said...

One wonders about the sort of 'people' who lurk in public toilets...

scrubone said...

I've never been much into comments on other blogs... well I wasn't then I was for a few months, and now I'm very selective.

george said...

there must be better things to dwell on than toilet trolls

David Farrar said...

I agree things have got intolerable. It won't last much longer.


Evening everyone.
What do you plans to do your trolls david?
We don't get many over over at No Minister.
I think Adolf soon sorts them out.
I don't mind one or two dropping by.
It's good to have a debate.
But having just seen some of your threads, you do have a problem David.
A Liarbour plot to kill Kiwiblog?
There's something to ponder.
You back in Wellington, David?

George said...

Maybe you could take some wisdom from this:

Then again maybe not..

KG said...

I gave up commenting in Kiwiblog. The trolls made it pointless since reasoned debate is the last thing they're interested in and that's one of the reasons the they get deleted and banned on sight at Crusader Rabbit.
There are enough conservatives with differing viewpoints to argue with anyway and it usually stays within the bounds of civility.

Redbaiter said...

Agree with you completely KG. I dunno why Mr. Farrar allows those commie bastards to disrupt what is such a good site. It is of course an organized strategy from the left.

Who the damn hell is interested in reading one more piffling disjointed non-comprehending eaxample of leftist crap from Sonic and his tediously similar cronies??

I guess the reason they get away with their sabotage the way they do is that Mr. Farrar is just too busy.

Anonymous said...

Redbaiter, I must say, well done for your efforts over at Kiwiblog recently.

When the lefties resort to 'take your pills' and 'Ratbiter' name calling they are fucked.

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