Friday, June 4, 2010

Lucia Caregivers, society and government not enough for children

New Zealand children are being woefully let down by their caregivers, the Government and society, according to a new report commissioned by the Ministry of Health.
Children need parents - not "caregivers". Optimally, biological parents of the opposite sex who are committed through marriage to each other and their families for life. Anything less (and we are talking a sliding scale here), and children do not do so well. But anyone recognise this?
The Public Health Advisory report makes 21 recommendations to the Ministry of Health, and the ministry says work on them is well under way.

“The ministry's addressing probably two thirds of the recommendations that they make and some of those are well underway and some of them are in an early stage,” says Pat Tuohy.
I would love to know what those recommendations are. Somehow I doubt that encouraging young people to postpone sex until marriage is mentioned. Yet, early sexual experiences lead to many babies being born to immature and unmarried mothers, who then go on to live a life that jumps from boyfriend to boyfriend. Hardly conducive to raising healthy, stable children.

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