Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lucia For Barnsely Bill

Here's the book I mentioned in the Friday Night Free For All.

Hopefully your local public library has it.

Oh yeah, and this is my first post using an Amazon link in this way.

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Barnsley Bill said...

Touched by the thought and effort, and slightly miffed that I am now obligated to buy it and read. :)


Lucia Maria said...

LOL! Thanks, and sorry about that.

There's a scene in the book where the main character (I think) has to be purified by fire before he can go on. That's the connection to your comment on the FNFFA.

Seriously, because it's CS Lewis, your local library may very well have a copy.

明文吳 said...
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Francis W. Porretto said...

That is one of Lewis's best short fictions. I recommend Till We Have Faces alongside it -- not to mention Screwtape, the Space Trilogy, and the Narnia books!

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