Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lucia Evil runs rampant through the world

WASHINGTON, June 14, 2010 ( - “Satan is normally ‘hidden’ … but nowadays he is walking tall in powerful structures of sin like abortion, pornography, sex slavery, rapacious greed and terrorism,” writes pro-life leader, Catholic priest and exorcist Reverend Thomas J. Euteneuer in his new book, Exorcism and the Church Militant.

The devil, says the President of Human Life International, “flexes his muscles” with “pernicious ideologies like radical feminism and ‘pro-choice’ extremism, the militant homosexual movement and the aggressive mass media which is the ministry of propaganda for Satan and all his works and all his empty promises.”

Father Euteneuer has conducted exorcisms in several dioceses around the United States and spoken to thousands of people on the subject.

In the newly released book, Fr. Euteneuer warns: “Never in all of history have we seen evil promoted so effectively and the true good so roundly mocked and rejected as in this age of extreme technological prowess.” He explains, “the difference between the modern world and past generations is that Satan has a greater ability to use groups and institutions for increasing his wicked reach into human life and society.”

Far from hidden, suggests the exorcist, “Nowadays, objective evil is displayed out in the open air with impunity, celebrated in the public forum and strategized in plush board rooms.”

Fr. Euteneuer presents the case that “the devil's spiritual warfare on our flocks will intensify as the years proceed and that all Christians, but especially priests, will have no choice but to engage more deeply in the spiritual battle for souls.”

“The devil now,” he warns, “arrogates to himself the right to control the totality of human existence even in so-called free societies: from manipulating the very act of creation (in vitro fertilization, cloning, Human Genome); to the authority over life and death (abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia); to the definition of human sexuality and marriage (birth control, divorce, homosexual unions); to the very prospect of human annihilation (nuclear war, genocide and the impending New World Order). “

Along with Exorcism and the Church Militant, Father Euteneuer is also releasing Demonic Abortion, the first of two companion works. This 120-page booklet is a meditation on the evil nature of the abortion industry, from the perspective of a priest and exorcist who has been fighting in the pro-life trenches around the world for well over a decade. With a release date of July 7, 2010, Demonic Abortion is now available for pre-order.

More information about both Exorcism and the Church Militant and Demonic Abortion can be found at

The introduction to the book is available here.


At times, it all gets a little overwhelming.

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Psycho Milt said...

“Satan is normally ‘hidden’ … but nowadays he is walking tall...

If only we could go back to those earlier times when Satan kept himself well hidden - the 1940s for instance...

Lucia Maria said...

PM, in the 1940s, a great part of the world actively fought that evil.

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd like the 1940s PM, Israel didn't exist then....

Psycho Milt said...

Maybe the outrageously idealised Israel of your fantasy life didn't exist then Mr Tips, but the real, actually-existing country of Israel declared its independence in 1948.

Lucia: many more states of the world are opposing sex slavery and terrorism now than opposed totalitarianism in the 1940s.

Anonymous said...

Lucia Maria said...
PM, in the 1940s, a great part of the world actively fought that evil.

And a great part of the world was that evil. And they wore crucifixes, they prayed for victory and they worshipped you god on Sundays.

I.M Fletcher said...

I watched part of a Father Corapi talk on TV today called End Game. He is in no doubt that evil is increasing in the world and will continue to do so. He mentions that attacks on the priesthood are attacks on the Eucharist. It is the enemy's will to destroy both as it is only the Eucharist that stops this world from completely going under. It was a very good talk.

Anonymous said...

Wot? A wafer and a glass of wine is our sole defence?

Lucia Maria said...

And a great part of the world was that evil. And they wore crucifixes, they prayed for victory and they worshipped you god on Sundays.

Here we go.

Even though that time in history was truly terrible, there is nothing more evil than a mother killing her own child. She actively participates in her baby's death, and society in general allows this and the NZ Government even pays for it. That is the type of evil that is so confident, so out there, that it is now visible.

And what do we say about those that not think there is anything wrong with this?

MK said...

Compared to the evil of the 1940s, the evil of today is not so public, until that is you start counting the number of murdered babies.

Back in the 40s they were murdered because of who they were, their background, their beliefs and the lies about their conspiracy and all that.

Now the victims are cut to pieces simply for daring to get in the way of fornication. Good grief, evil is walking tall and strutting around.

Psycho Milt said...

I guess either evil is in such drastically short supply today that we have to settle for getting worked up about stuff like abortion rates, or some people are struggling a bit with what evil looks like.

Anonymous said...

Lucia and MK, it may surprise you, but abortion is not something that has only occurred in recent times. It has occurred throughout history and in just about every cultural/ethnic/religious group. Its just that today it is far safer for the woman than ever before.

As PM says, you really do need to look closely at that which you think is evil.

Shall we compare evils?

I think that the supposed evil of abortion pales in to insignificance when compared with this, a far greater evil IMHO.

Take for instance Texas School Board member Cynthia Dunbar, who is on record as saying that sending children to public schooling is like “throwing them in to the enemy's flames.” Accordingly, she home schooled her own children, but then one wonders what business does she have in ruining the education of millions of other children nationwide.

The answer comes from an article in the Guardian, where she provides a lucid, if frightful, explanation: “In Texas we have certain statutory obligations to promote patriotism and to promote the free enterprise system. There seems to have been a move away from a patriotic ideology. There seems to be a denial that this was a nation founded under God. We had to go back and make some corrections.” One can hardly ask for a more forthright admission of bias.

The dumb are in charge of making America dumber in order that it be made safe for religious bigotry ond folly.

Ciaron said...

Leftrightout, it may surprise you, but murder is not something that has only occurred in recent times. It has occurred throughout history and in just about every cultural/ethnic/religious group

Just because something has been done since the dawn of time doesn't make it right.

Anonymous said...


the whole point of this article is that people don't even KNOW that something is evil, or they don't even CARE.

Which is why people don't get worked up about abortion, pornography and homosexual marriage but they will get worked up about Christians pointing out that these things are not good for society and individuals.

Its almost a perfect cancer - the patient thinks they are doing fine and will refuse to believe they are terminally ill until their last breath. And they apparently despise the cure.

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