Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lucia The Pope "Rethinks" Clerical Celibacy. In Order to Reinforce It

It is a modern belief that celibacy is harmful, that it creates a pathology that allows a man to abuse children. That it would be better that it be done away with. This is because the modern world in our sex saturated culture does not understand celibacy and what it signifies.

Many thought that in light of the priestly sex scandals the Pope would rethink clerical celibacy and remove the requirement. But instead, the Pope is reinforcing it. Celibacy, for Catholic priests is here is to stay.
ROME, June 15, 2010 – Benedict XVI has reached out to those who were expecting a "rethinking" of the rule of celibacy for the Latin clergy. But in his own way.


Celibacy – the pope said – is an anticipation "of the world of the resurrection." It is the sign "that God exists, that God is part of my life, that I can base my life on Christ, on the future life."

For this reason – he continued – celibacy "is a great scandal." Not only for today's world, "in which God has no place." But for Christianity itself, in which "God's future is no longer considered, and the now of this world alone seems sufficient."

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