Friday, June 11, 2010

ZenTiger Let the games begin!

Not long to go now.  These are the kind of international battles worth having!  Good luck finalists, go play your hearts out.

FIFA Home page here

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Francisco Castelo Branco said...

HOpe Portugal win this championship.

After semi finals in 2006, the final is the matter.

Good to see two teams of Australia Continent,

It means that Soccer is improving, but Rugby still the most popular sport in the South of the Planet.

Good luck for New Zealand in a difficult group.

Francisco Castelo Branco said...

a question :

you and Australia are more rivals in rugby than Soccer?

mzala said...

Francisco, Portugal will have great support in SA.There are a few hundred thousand 'porras' living predominantly in the Jhb. area. Don't think they'll win it though. Possibly a former colony....Hope the African teams do well, particularly SA. this tournament means more than football/soccer. Way More!

mzala said...

p.s. Hope the All Whites do well. Saw fantastic scenes of kiwis making one heck of a noise and worse, hugging in public after Bahrain win. All good though and maybe rugby fans can learn from the beautiful game.

ZenTiger said...

Hi Francisco. There is indeed a fair amount of friendly rivalry in the matter of sports between the two countries - and it has traditionally been games we field good teams in such as cricket, rugby and netball - but any sport counts as an excuse to stir each other up.

The issue of soccer/football rivalry has not come up much because both countries have never really been strong in this sport, although that is slowly changing (and there are many good individual kiwi and Aussie footballers that have done well in European and British teams of course).

New Zealand, being a small country has always been proud of producing many top sports people and teams. Is this the same in Portugal? What sports are big there? Who is your friendly rival? Spain perhaps?

Francisco Castelo Branco said...

Our friendly are England.
We have a long history of football matches. Especially it finish at the Penalty kick.

But with Spain is differente.
Is more fanatic.

In Portugal we don´t have a great tradition in sports.
Because people just like football....

Maybe Roller Hockey and some athletics.

but they don´t have many advertisement...

MK said...

Heard you lot scored a goal, well done. I'm sure even the spectators who don't support you would have been thrilled to see something happen.

Soccer is damn slow and tedious if you ask me. Portugal played someone, can't remember who, ran around for more than 2 hours but neither side scored a single goal.

That must have been frustrating to watch.

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