Friday, June 11, 2010

ZenTiger Friday Night Free for All

Evening all. Made it through the week! It was supposed to be a short week, but I had some deadlines, so spent Monday working on those instead of relaxing. A few late nights, but got through in the end, thanks to a little help from my friends (ooh, I get by with a little help from my friends)

And on the previous thread, we see one must be careful assaulting a white tail, lest it turn out to be a dangerous, but fully protected Katipo. You can be punished more severely for killing a Katipo than kicking a person in the head and killing them, if anyone reads the papers and takes note of a recent court case.

In the same paper, two men threaten a shop keeper with a knife, and he pulls out a machete and scares them off. The Police think he has no right to do this, and are considering pressing charges against the shop keeper. That will keep them too busy to investigate catching the two robbers who fled, but, hey, it's better than issuing speeding tickets.

In the same paper, a home invasion turned into more than burglary, when the two thugs took the time to beat some poor person senseless. I wonder if they were the same ones that were prevented from robbing the shop? The police may well praise the victim for taking the assault without a struggle. They'd probably give him a medal, but apparently, he is too traumatised to accept it.

So that leaves me with a cunning plan. I'm going to catch Katipo spiders, and sell them to shop owners. They hand over a bag of loot, conveniently filled with Katipos, and when the robbers open the bag, see the spiders crawling on their money, they'll kill them.

And then the police will act decisively, and the court will use it's full power to get these evil spider killing people off the streets and in a jail where they cannot hurt any other spiders.

Well, predictably, off for Pizza and a bit of Chinese food.

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Lucia Maria said...

LOL! You'll have to be careful for putting such seditious ideas out in public. The spider-police may be listening in ...

mojo said...

The wine is meant to accompany the pizza, Zen, not precede it ... nice as that may be.

scrubone said...

You know, someone once told me that all native species are protected.

And the sand-fly is a native species...

ZenTiger said...

Given the need to acknowledge and redress historical wrongs, I wonder what the penalty is for killing off the Moa?

At least an apology, surely?

homepaddock said...

This reminds me of the green conundrum: what do you do if you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?

Andrei said...

Hi all.

Ele when I was working in Sumatra I heard of such a conundrum - I may have told this tale before, if so forgive me - perhaps I am becoming repetitive in my Dotage.

But what happened is a woman left her toddler at the edge of a field while she worked the field.

And the child was taken and consumed by a tiger.

The villagers then banded together to hunt down the beast, an endangered tiger that was nursing.

It was killed and its two cubs died.

This was a non event for the locals but engendered some excitement amongst some ex-pats who saw the killing of an endangered species as a sign of barbarism.

Others such as my self saw both the logic and necessity of this action.

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