Friday, June 18, 2010

ZenTiger Russel Norman - anti-abortionist?

Watching the video replay of Russel Norman being beaten up by what appeared to be Palestinian peace activists armed with only an umbrella, I'm trying to decide if the steps of Parliament can be considered international waters. Only last week, he was decrying the Israeli special forces team for landing on a boat, and here he is rappelling on to the main deck and not surprisingly being pushed overboard. It's lucky they were not the kind of peace activists that had knives and steel bars handy.

Or perhaps he thinks their personal space is a metaphor for a Japanese Whaler? And the Tibetan flag acid to destroy the harpoon?

In the video clip, it shows Russel as being aggressive and rude. If Russel were an anti-abortionist, and acted like that towards women walking into an abortion clinic, there would be zero sympathy for Russel. Is democracy allowed to be a little ugly, a little imperfect? I don't see a big deal either way here. Just hot headed opinions.

Russel storms the boat

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Ciaron said...

wussels clone....
replace Girl with Flag


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