Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lucia Teaching advisory group giving Minister bad advice

NEW teachers may be forced to study for at least another year under changes being considered by Education Minister, Anne Tolley.... A minister appointed industry work force advisory group has made the recommendations on how to attract the brightest, best students into teaching and keep them in front of classrooms. The group was set up last year and includes principals, universities and current teacher training providers.
Woah, check out the vested interests involved in this group!

Apparently, getting new teachers to study longer will attract "the brightest" to the profession.

How do I express the idiocy of this concept in a sentence or less?

Bright people tend to be a little better at working out cost benefit ratios than your average person. So, if a profession doesn't pay well and requires four to five years of expensive studying and doesn't guarantee the safety of those who engage it, the chances are that the bright will realise this, and choose the appropriate course of study that gives them a better lifestyle than the one being offered by teaching.

Is that not obvious to even those who are slower of mind???

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MathewK said...

The easiest way to attract the best and brightest is to ensure that leftists are not welcome to indoctrinate students and teach them their socialist BS. That and put in harsh punishment for teachers caught trying to have sex with their students. I guarantee, leftists will flee like vampires from sunlight and instantly lift the average intelligence level of teachers

Murray said...

I've already been asked to consider teaching and declined several time.

Try to guess why and it has something to do with being a male.

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