Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lucia Interesting comment from John Key on Gillard becoming PM of Australia

Mr Key said he was the first leader to have spoken to Ms Gillard after Rudd stood down.

He did not expect the change to alter New Zealand's relationship with Australia and was encouraged by Ms Gillard's indication that she would try to push forward on the Emission Trading Scheme.
Considering that the ETS was responsible for the Tony Abott's leadership takeover of the Liberal Party, and that Rudd was unable to get enough support for implementing the ETS during the same period, I don't much like Gillard's chances.

John Key can dream, though.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Au contraire, I think she will push hard for it because she's a hard core leftie. She'll so a better selling job than the little Ruddlet but that wouldn't be too hard.

I see Dick Smith waas bullshitting on again in parliament about the 29 countries which have an ETS. It's actually only one 'country' the EU and it's 29 vassal down and out flat broke states.

Lucia Maria said...


You're probably right. I would guess that Rudd just wanted to drop the whole ETS thing (political poison), but that didn't go down well with the party. Why, I don't know ... unless, there are a number of people who are heavily invested in carbon and want to see it make money.

Apparently, if Rudd hadn't been rolled, Labor would still have won the upcoming election (on current polling).

It's all very, very interesting and I bet JK and NS are hoping like heck that Gillard pulls off the ETS. But in Australia, the ETS turns on whomever tries to get it through.

Lucia Maria said...

Darn, that guy on the radio that said Labor would win now on the current polling was wrong!

New poll has Tony Abbott looking stronger against Kevin Rudd

Today's exclusive Newspoll in The Australian newspaper reveals Mr Rudd's stocks have fallen 3 points to 46 per cent while Mr Abbott's rating has jumped 4 points to 37 per cent.

The nine-point gap on the question of who would make a better prime minister is the closest any Liberal leader has been to Mr Rudd.

The Newspoll also shows Labor's primary vote remains stuck at 35 per cent. It has not changed since the last poll three weeks ago but has not been above 40 per cent since mid-April.

The Coalition's vote fell 1 point to 40 per cent, the Greens fell 1 point to 15 per cent, while those wanting someone else rose 2 points to 10 per cent.

The combination means the two-party preferred vote improves for Labor by one point to give it a 52-48 per cent lead over the Coalition.

But all the numbers are within the margin of error, meaning the parties could really be deadlocked.

Even more interesting...

Lucy said...

Ms Gillard is a Fabian Socialist. I dont think she gives a dam what the people want. They will get what she thinks is right for them.

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