Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fletch Squabbling For Sure

I'm still trying to get a handle on this foreshore and seabed business, but it still seems to me that it was a good idea that it was owned by the Crown; and not so much 'owned' as 'administered'; it was owned by everyone and no one. I still think of the beach as a kind of "no man's land" that isn't sea and it isn't quite land, but something in-between that no one should be able to own.

Belonging to the Crown it was like the front passenger seat of a family car that kids have to take turns in using – the parent wisely oversees that it is shared. Getting rid of Crown ownership now opens up that seat to squabbling.

“It’s mine”

“No, it’s mine”

“But I was here first!”

“That doesn’t matter – you went away!”

“I used to sit in that seat driving with Dad before you were born”

“So? I’m here now. How does that make it fair? We’re both here now.”

I think Key has made a grave error. Now that there is no one to oversee, let the squabbling begin for sure... Perhaps I am mistaken, but this is my initial thought.

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KG said...

Spot-on. This has allowed Key to pass the buck to the courts, knowing full well that no NZ court will find against Maori.
A cowardly and despicable abrogation of his responsibility to all New Zealanders.

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