Monday, May 21, 2012

Lucia Disturbing story of sex-slave in NZ

This is truly awful.

A serial rapist who kept one of his teenage victims as a sex slave in a remote bush hut is expected to walk free from court because he has developed mild dementia.

Court delays, including more than two years elapsing since he was first charged with abduction and rape, have also contributed to what one of his victims says is the justice system failing them.

A judge has accepted the man committed what amounted to hundreds of rapes involving four women – some aged as young as 15.

But he is expected to walk free on the charges when he appears in court next month. He is also seeking permanent name suppression.

The dragged-out court process has appalled one of his victims, who was 19 when she was lured to a remote part of the North Island and kept as a sex slave for five months.

She said the public should know who the 79-year-old is and believes his violent sexual history has close parallels to one of New Zealand's worse sexual offenders, the "Beast of Blenheim", Stewart Murray Wilson.

"I was repeatedly terrorised with threats of torture, forced abortion with wire, starvation, being eaten alive by pigs, death and death to any babies born to me," she told The Dominion Post.

Surely there should be some sort of Justice process for the mentally incapable when they've committed crimes of this magnitude?

Suppression orders mean The Dominion Post cannot reveal specific details of the woman's ordeal, including dates and where the offending took place.

The woman was the first to complain to police, in September 2008. Three more victims subsequently came forward.

She wants her own name suppression lifted – and she and the other victims want the man's name suppression lifted so the public knows what he did.

I do not understand why NZ Courts so readily grant name suppression. Here the victim wants name suppression lifted for her and that of the man who repeatedly raped her and three other women/girls. If justice is not going to be done because the man has "mild dementia", then at least the name suppression should be lifted.

I wonder if his "mild dementia" will stop him from committing further crimes? Somehow, I doubt it.

Justice denied for sex-slave ~ Dominion Post

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mark said...
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Lucia Maria said...

Thanks, Mark.

Unfortunately, I'll be in trouble if I allow that comment to stay.

KG said...

If anybody chooses to name him (with supporting evidence that it's the right name)in Crusader Rabbit, we will publish it.

The Gantt Guy said...

And if any of his victims decides to mete out a little bit of justice via a carving knife, or at 2000 fps, you can guarantee they wouldn't get the same accommodations.

I for one hope one of them, or one of their fathers, disappears this POS.

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