Friday, May 4, 2012

Lucia Why should new Catholic translation of the Mass matter to Anglicans? [UPDATE]

I find myself wondering why the new Catholic translation for the Mass matters so much to an Anglican, who, as far as I an tell, is not thinking of converting any time soon.
The catechesis that the Pope requires is that people be taught that “for many”/“für viele” in the Eucharistic Prayer actually means “for all”/“für alle” – but we are not allowed to translate it to be what it actually means.

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UPDATE: Vatican Diary / "For many" or "for all"? The right answer is the first
Benedict XVI writes as much to the German bishops. And he wants the whole Church to respect the words of Jesus at the last supper, without inventing others like in the postconciliar missals. The complete text of the pope's letter

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Andrei said...

Some Anglicans feel like they are the poor relations I guess.

Especially as some of their number are abandoning ship and "swimming the Tiber" as they say.

I wonder if it would be legitimate to use the new missal in an Anglican Church?

Lucia Maria said...

You're probably right. What with the new dredlocked guy becoming Bishop of Wellington, the Anglican Church appears to be imploding in slow motion. Maybe the new Missal has got them excited.

The new Missal is quite amazing - the Eucharist prayers especially now have this gravitas that was never really there. They're almost shocking in their reverence. I don't know if it's just because they are new and therefore different or if there is a power behind the words.

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