Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lucia It takes being a man to have self-control [UPDATED]

View Part 2 of the interview.

The General Debate on Kiwiblog a couple of days ago inspired me to point out to one of the commenters who mentioned wanting porn, that the use of porn would lead to impotence. Thus started a bit of a debate, which mostly degenerated into how crazy I was for daring to suggest that porn use in marriage was cheating on one's wife.

So, for Dime, the one to whom I first replied, I have found the above YouTube video of an interview with the founder of The Porn Effect, Matthew Fradd. Matt talks about when he first came across porn accidentally at age 8; how by age 11 he and a friend were stealing magazines from the local newstand; how his father when he found his boy's porn stash just told him to not let his mother know; how at age 12 - 13, his friend's mother would hire a porn video for his friend and him to watch. And how he knew as he got older, he just knew he didn't want to be the type of man who crept away to his bedroom to look at porn. However, breaking free was a little more difficult than just not wanting to look at it any more. Like with any vice that we have, it requires struggle.

As he says, it takes [being] a man to have self-control.

To the fathers out there, just think of what your daughters might think when they find out you use images of other women than their mother to gratify yourselves. Girls have said to Matt Fradd of their dads when they do discover what they get up to, "I used to look up to him, now I can't even look at him."


Manhood by Matt Fradd
These are short YouTube clips that I found on Matt Fradd's YouTube Channel where Matt will help you with regaining your masculinity by discarding porn.
Part One - Introduction,
Part Two - What porn promises and how it fails,
Not sure what happened to Part Three,
Part Four - Awakening your deeper desire,
Part Five, Practical steps

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