Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lucia Priestly vocations are strong in traditional dioceses

Just goes to show the attraction that real Catholicism has.

In our forthcoming book, Beyond the Catholic Culture Wars (Encounter Books), my coauthor and I survey a number of dioceses across the United States that are experiencing an upward trend in their vocation rates. The two common characteristics of these dioceses is that they are led by bishops that are committed to a bold and courageous defense of orthodox Catholicism, and they are making vocations a number one priority within their dioceses through building strong vocation teams that are actively recruiting new priests.

If your diocese is not getting vocations, then you're in a place (like me) where only watered down quasi Catholicism is taught.

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DrCP said... Christchurch.

I really fear for Dunedin, Waikato and Wellington. They seem to be more preoccupied with political correctness - time will tell, but it won't be far away for an initial answer.

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