Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lucia Governments should not be funding contraception

Government funding of contraception was inevitable. So far it's not compulsory, but I'm sure that it will be so in the future.

Women on benefits - including teenagers and the daughters of beneficiaries - will be offered free long-term contraception as part of a $287.5 million Budget package for the Government's welfare reforms.

But critics say the measure borders on state control of women's reproductive choices.

I agree, this is heading into very dangerous territory. From a Catholic perspective, the use of contraception is completely immoral. (See Contraception, Why Not?)

I suppose the problem is that the Government is acting as quasi-husband to thousands of single women with children, so is therefore theoretically within it's right to demand that those women not have more children. But instead it ignores the activity that creates the children (ie sex) and just wants the women to keep doing what they are doing (having casual relationships with men who won't act as fathers to their children) and throws contraception at them. In other words, the women can keep rorting the taxpayer by pretending to not have relationships, take the contraception and therefore keep those men free from any responsibility.

However, until the Government and society stops encouraging women to be sexually available, it and we are morally responsible for all the children that result from such activity.

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Andrei said...

The Government already is funding contraception and abortion.

This is just a way of funneling more money to the harridans who support the death culture.

Family planning is delighted, of course

Lucia Maria said...



Scary, how many people want contraception to be compulsory!

I just got called a fascist on Kiwiblog by one of them.

Lucia Maria said...

Now watch his head explode. I seem to do that to him!

JJ said...

Humanae Vitae reads like prophecy now, all the things it said would result, such as the commodification of women for sexual gratification, have come to pass.

Lucia Maria said...

JJ, so true.

Reading about the Church's stance on contraception a number of years back was the final thing I needed to convert back to Catholicism. I thought that if the Church was right about this, she was right about everything - or no one knew what was true or false at all and it was all just a guess.

Of course, the contraceptive mentality is so entrenched, even among many Christians, that it's hard to make any headway in the conversation.

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