Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lucia Gay marriage not a vote winner in Britain

A lesson for so called "conservative parties", don't pick up issues that your constituency doesn't back you on.
An opinion poll carried out by ComRes has found that PM Cameron’s plans to legalise homosexual marriage by 2015 could lose the Conservative party 1 million votes at the next election,and up to 30 seats in the Commons. For every disaffected Tory supporter attracted back to the party, it loses almost three because of its stance on the issue.

In The Sun today,Trevor Kavanagh says Tory supporters are “deserting in droves over [David Cameron's] irrelevant campaign for gay marriage” and other unpopular issues.

A Home Counties Tory MP said:‘We’re worried we’ll haemorrhage votes unless Cameron backs down. These protests are not from the usual suspects of complainants. These are from quiet,unassuming Tory supporters telling us,do this and we won’t vote for you again.

The Mail on Sunday has been told that Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin has privately assured anxious Tory backbenchers that the Prime Minister’s same-sex marriage plan will ‘not come to a vote’.

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I guess the problem is most people don't give a stuff about the issue, it is just excitable ones on both sides.
The trouble for Cameron is that he is pushing measures like this and reform of the House of Lords when people think there are more pressing issues, like the economy, Europe, immigration and so on.
Cameron should be attending to these matters but he is losing support because he is not.
That is why he was badly beaten in the local elections this week.
Boris Johnson, who is more in tune with public opinion, was able to keep his mayoralty because of this, even though London , thanks to immigration, is becoming a Labour city.

Lucia Maria said...

That seems to be a failing of some types of PMs, wanting to make their mark in history rather than doing their job.

JJ said...

This would seem to suggest that the enemys propaganda has not been as pervasive as they assumed.

David Winter said...

It's very hard to see how the numbers described above have been extrapolated from the poll - <a href=">which is available here</a> and says 10% of respondents would be more likely to vote for the torries as a result of the policy and 13% less likely.

Lucia Maria said...

Here's David's link: which is available here

(You missed out the second quotation mark ", so it didn't work.)

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