Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lucia Pope John Paul II spied on by Communists from 1946

Before Karol Wojtyla was elected as Pope John Paul II in 1978, the Communist authorities in Poland considered him dangerous enough to keep under constant surveillance.

“During the communist era, authorities saw all priests as enemies of the people and the party – Lasota explains – and they were placed under surveillance by the political police, the “Bezpieca”. Wojtyla had been under surveillance since 1946. This intensified in 1958 when he became Auxiliary Bishop of Krakow. As an archbishop in the ‘60s, he was considered a dangerous political opponent. This is why he was ferociously monitored in everything he did.”

The Communists wanted to know everything about him, even down to what underwear he wore and who washed it!

One of the documents presented in the book is particularly striking. It contains 98 questions which spies who kept an eye on the future pope had to answer: attention was paid to every minute detail of his daily life. From the time at which he got up in the morning to his morning activities and the order in which these took place; from how frequently he shaved to the “cosmetics” he used.

There were questions about his habits in the office, which documents he took home with him, whether he took the keys to his desk with him, what he talked about at lunch, whether he “liked playing bridge or other card games, or chess” and with whom he played, whether he smoked or whether he liked alcoholic drinks (“how much does he drink and how often”). The secret police even wanted to know “who supplied his underwear,” who “washed his underwear, socks etc.,” whether “he possessed a medicine cabinet and what medication it contained.”

And yet they could get nothing on him.

Out of the sea of documents, reports and dossiers on Wojtyla, he came out completely clean. He could not be blackmailed, manipulated or influenced. The communist police’s check-up newspaper therefore confirmed that cardinals made the right choice during the 1978 conclave.

I wonder if all these spy documents will unwittingly help in the cause for his Sainthood? God certainly works in mysterious ways, even down to co-opting Communists.

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I'm sure the media will be all over this!


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That's right. Not a peep.

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