Friday, May 25, 2012

Lucia It's dangerous to save yourself until marriage because ...

Forget sexually transmitted diseases, the greatest danger to women today is not having sex before marriage, because if you don't, you're obviously uptight and therefore will be unable to have sex when you are married.

Just have a look at this article, complete with a picture of a bride showing her legs, but she has no torso or head, implying you know what: The danger of saving yourself until marriage.

Sheesh, just as bad as a previous article encouraging married people to flirt to rekindle their desire for each other, "so that each spouse becomes aware of their own, and their partner's, power to attract". I wonder how well that works for encouraging fidelity?

UPDATE: Just found a blog post by Simcha Fisher who is horrified by a type of abstinence only education that she came across. She quotes the following:

[G]irls were given two glasses of water and told to chew up food and spit it into one of them.

Their teacher -- a guest speaker from an anti-abortion "crisis pregnancy" group, then asked them which glass they'd rather drink. The lesson, in case you haven't guessed already, is that premarital sex makes you a gross glass of regurgitated food.

If that's the type of education that uptight girls are getting, no wonder they are scared of sex!

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Andrei said...

These people don't want people to marry Lucia - they hate marriage and want to drag people into the sewers they inhabit.

Lucia Maria said...

That's the impression I'm getting as well, Andrei.

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