Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lucia Homophobes should chill out

Alison Mau, mother, ex-wife of Simon Dallow, and now partner of Karleen Edmonds wants the homophobes to "chill out".

"I don't really know where these attitudes come from. It shocks and shames me that they still exist in New Zealand," Mau told the Sunday Star-Times.

"It's time for everybody to wake up, and not just those who hold such ridiculous views."

She said those who discriminated needed to "chill out" because their stance was old-fashioned. "Why should anybody be uncomfortable about something that is normal?"

Yes, it is normal* for some people have desire for those of the same-sex. Just as it is basically normal for most men to want to have sex with anything. However, acting on many of our desires is harmful. A pagan society doesn't care who a person has sex with, while as a Christian society does. That's really where the attitudes come from.

The whole self-control thing and doing the right by your children is not really featuring in this whole debate, it's all me, me, me!

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*Normal in the sense that without moral guidelines, many people easily fall into a depraved way of living. See: Judaism's Sexual Revolution: Why Judaism Rejected Homosexuality

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