Monday, May 14, 2012

Lucia Paula Bennett and Dr Josef Mengele cartoon [UPDATE]

Considering that most New Zealanders support the Governments plans to offer free long term contraception to female beneficiaries and their older teenage daughters, the cartoon above from today's Dominion Post should really have had a mob with pitchforks rather than a lone Nazi wanting to butcher all and sundry.

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UPDATE 4:40 pm: KiwiBlog and Keeping Stock have published their own scanned copies ofthe cartoon now as well. They are outraged at it's offensiveness. I'm kind of meh... so used to offensive cartoons aimed at Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church and anything Catholic and/or Christian, that this is just another one those.

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Lucia Maria said...


libertyscott said...

There really aren't any serious quality newspapers left in NZ.

The level of discourse continues to drop.

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