Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lucia More on the English Blogger being persecuted by the government for defending traditional marriage

The effect of a complaint can be devastating, even if there is nothing to it as is the case here. Running an advertisement for the defence of traditional marriage where male/female couples are shown is not offensive. And yet, in Britain, that sort of carry-on gets you the attention of a government agency who asks you to please explain.

His Grace apologises to his readers and communicants for his brief absence from his cyber pulpit: he has been closeted with lawyers and advisers, and has downed one or two vodka-martinis (‘dirty’, two olives) along with sundry bottles of Rioja. It’s interesting how a request to comply with an official investigation and a demand to respond to a formal inquiry becomes distracting and all-consuming: the mere request is a formidable weapon of harassment in itself, sapping energy, time and money (vid. His Grace’s Collection Plate ‘donate’ button on the right: all solidarity contributions welcome).

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KG said...

His "smouldering faggots" is absolutely brilliant!

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