Friday, May 18, 2012

Lucia Our most popular post was a throw-away

It's amazing how many hits we get on this post every, single day. Every day. The number of perverts out there is just astounding and more than a little scary.

I can only hope that the concept that pornography destroys marriage enters their consciousness in some way.

Related link: Marriage Destroyers - Pornography (Lolicon Edition)

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scrubone said...

Alas, that's the way isn't it?

My most referenced post was pretty a pretty rough mocking of Mia's "why abortion is good". So popular for so long, but something I long regretting putting more thought into.

Lucia Maria said...

Well, if you want a new most popular post, just put the "L"-word from this post into the heading. You'll get all sorts searching - with a few coming in on anonymous proxy servers.

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