Monday, May 14, 2012

Lucia The place to be tonight

The place to be tonight is in front of the fire.

This is after Asterix gave up trying to figure out what I was doing pointing the camera at her and making strange noises. Sleep became more interesting.

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KG said...

Looks like it'll get down to around 15c here tonight, Lucia Maria. And still no rain--we probably won't get any until around December.

KG said...

Oops! no...I just checked and it's going to be 10c.That's a very cold night in these parts.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi KG,

We're getting 10C overnight as well! Sometimes that is cold, other times, like tonight probably, because of the humidity from the rain (just heard thunder!) it'll feel a bit warmer. We'll probably get down to 18C inside, which isn't too bad.

It's been bucketing down with the rain here. It's stopped for now, so Asterix is able to go outside. Thank goodness, she can cause mayhem inside if she hasn't gone out to hunt her mice and patrol her territory.

We had 0C for a while last week or the week before, when they were predicting 4C overnight. I think that was around the time my youngest was really hanging out for his electric blanket drying so he could use it.

KG said...

I didn't know you could wash electric blankets, Lucia Maria. Does this mean it's safe to drink beer in bed?
Most people here like the dry season, but we much prefer the wet. More drama. Great thunderstorms and very hot, humid weather, together with massive floods. The only drawback really is the bug population.

Lucia Maria said...


It depends on your washing machine and the electric blanket. My old washing machine could handle them no problems, but this new one says not to wash electric blankets in it, so I had to hand wash it and drip dry it. It wasn't a good time of year to do that - it took days to dry. This particular electric blanket is a Sunbeam with 9 heat settings and two timers (75min and 12hrs). It's really good.

Don't know about drinking beer in bed - I'd say it's just as safe as drinking herbal tea in bed!

Bugs would drive me mad - I've learned to buy those plug in mozzie killers, and that helps a lot.

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