Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lucia Whale Oil is now supporting polygamous marriage

Hope you're not thinking of setting up a harem, there, Whale.

In his post Family First opposes big families, Whale Oil conflates big families with those with multiple wives.

He says, "I mean seriously if a bloke wants two mothers in law then all power to him."

Right, it's all about the bloke.

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The Gantt Guy said...

The sad thing, Lucia, is that Slater claims to be a "Christian" yet exhibits such a liberal viewpoint, and such a fundamental lack of understand of biblical principal, that one can only shake one's head in disbelief!

He would also (likely) resize vehemently from the label "agent of the Left" but that is exactly what he is. Homosexual "marriage", polyamorous "marriage", even cross-species "marriage" (surely the topic of his next post) are leftist vehicles to bring about their Holy Grail: the destruction of the traditional family.

Interestingly, Amdy Semple from Menzies House comprehensively takes apart the argument for homosexual "marriage" in this post:

JJ said...

Counterfeit philosophy has poisoned all of whales thoughts. In this at least I guess he is a typical NZer.

Alex said...

@TGG - The is nothing inherently 'liberal' or 'conservative' about Christianity, though if there was, it is highly likely Christ would have fallen on the socially liberal side. After all, he was friends with Mary Magdalene, a prostitute.

Lucia Maria said...


There are two different things that can happen to a person that is in Christ's presence. He or she either changes and therefore does not live in the way they used to beforehand, OR they stay the same, but can't stand being with Him.

Mary Magdalene would have been in the changed category, ie, she would have stopped prostituting.

So to say Jesus would have been socially liberal, ie, accepting of prostitution is to totally deny Our Lord's divinity.

Jesus is God. God does not want us selling our bodies.

He's not, oh yeah do what you want, it's all good the way a social liberal would. He's not a social liberal. He is God.

The Gantt Guy said...

Alex, nonsense. Christ loves sinners, but he hates sin.

Unless he was kidding when he said to the adultress in John 8:11 "go, and sin no more"? Not to mention any of dozens of other scriptures.

The takeover by liberals, libertines, Lefteratrians and the Left in general of the mainstream Curch is one of the main reasons attendance is declining so heavily. Moral relativity, embracing the ridiculous scam of "climate change" and the doctrinally-retarded morons who participated in Sue Bradford's alternative welfare working group and Slater's ridiculous advocacy of homosexual "marriage" are all examples of purported Christians working against the principles of Christianity.

Lucia Maria said...


He seems quite confused to me as well.

The article you link to is very succinct and onto it. It seems to me that people are jumping onto this for a number of reasons, but the effect will still be the same - the destruction of society.

Interesting times.

The Gantt Guy said...

Lucia, I normally try not to involve myself in doctrinal discussions (I've only jumped into your and Kris' stoushes on a couple of occasions - I generally learn a lot from your "interactions") but there are 2 things that really get me riled. 1 is when those professing to be Christians advance the Left's agenda, and
2 is when Leftertarianz and other miscreants try and argue Christ is socially liberal. Utter rubbish!

Lucia Maria said...


Those interactions never go well. I've been able to have conversations with Protestants that are very respectful, but Kris sets me off.

Anyway, your 1 & 2 is annoying for me as well. I've got a few posts around the place on that topic. Here's one: Confused Catholic thinks Jesus was a Socialist. I quote the Catholic Encyclopaedia where it says:

"[...] it is probably safe to conclude that those who profess to reconcile the two doctrines are mistaken: either their grasp of the doctrines of Christianity or of Socialism will be found to be imperfect, or else their mental habits will appear to be so lacking in discipline that they are content with the profession of a belief in incompatible principles."

That last bit sums it up, I think.

dad4justice said...

Is Whale that guy who takes pills for depression? The guy should be in a mental health unit.

I pray he will get better one day.

JJ said...

Its interesting to note that the churches where attendence is declining - the media's mantra about the church btw - are the ones that have caved into liberalism. The parish I attend is packed to the rafters every sunday. Personally, I believe that the mission of the church is to preach the gospel hard and without compromise and the Holy Spirit will do the rest (eg the parable of the sower). Those that try to make the gospel more "appealing" to sinners are destined for failure.

scrubone said...

The thing is, a lot of churches who are truly comitted to helping the poor and opressed in our community are "conservative".

But you never hear about those churches, because they simply get out and "do" and don't sit around waiting for approval or support. They consider it a biblical command (and it is) whereas many liberals only continue such ministries until they stop feeling good.

dad4justice said...

Are there liberals mentioned in the Bible. These creeps need to note they take orders from the satanic one. Fact, liberals are the enemy. Suck on that whale and johnboy wee, you pathetic sick jokes!

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